Four Bar Rotary Cutting and Creasing Machine


Cutting and Creasing is the initial process carried out in the manufacture of a corrugated box. It is simultaneously carried over this machine. Two pairs of shafts have creasing and cutting heads mounted on them which can be easily set as required. Depending upon the thickness of the board (3 ply, 5 ply, 7 ply, 9 ply), separate creases are to be used. The sheets are piled on the feed table and fed through the machine by hand.

This machine is also another contribution to the packaging industry for trimming an creasing the corrugated board simultaneously. The machine is easy to operate and study in construction. Easy setting is provided for creasing and cutting heads on this machine. Measure are provided for accurate cutting and creasing of sheets.


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Specifications of Four Bar Rotary Cutting and Creasing Machine

Size Motor Weight Floor
H.P. App.(MT) Space
65” 2 1.7 7’×4’
75” 2 2 8’×4’
85” 2-Jan 2-Jan 9’×4’
95” 3 2.8 10’×4’