Die Punching Machines


This heavy duty platen punching, creasing and embossing machine is particularly designed for heavy jobs of cutting, creasing and embossing of paper, linolium, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic and PVC material etc. The main Gears Shaft and Connecting Arms are mounted on Phosphorus Bronze Bushes. Ball/Roller Bearing Mounted Crank Shaft drives the Platen through a Pair of high-speed Double Helical Gears (for increased strength) and two Pairs of reduction Spiral Gears being lubricated by Grease/Oil.

Our constant strives for better machines & enormous experience gained over the years in the field of quality Die Cutting & Creasing Platens. We at S.R use quality materials suitable for every part of the machine, such as – Shafts, Cam and Roller, Sliding/Guiding Plates for the Moving Platen, Connecting Arms are mounted on Phosphorus Bronze Bushes. The Reduction Gear is made of Hardened Quality Alloy Steel/Cast Nylon.


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Standard Accessories

  • Electro- Magnetic Clutch/Brake Unit
  • Single Dwell Facility
  • Wrap Around Safety Device
  • Automatic Sheet-Counter
  • Two Normal Chases
  • 1 Standard M.S. Make-Ready Plate
  • Hand Feed Centralized Lubrication System
  • Complete Set of Service-Tools.

Accessories On Request

  • AIR-Clutch/ Brake Unit
  • Automatic Centralized Lubrication Systems
  • Hardened and Ground-True Make-Ready Plate
  • Variable Impression Speed Controls
  • Motorized Chase
  • Pneumatic Plate Lifter.
  • Any other Special Accessories if required